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Member Webinar 

Recently member John Slemp presented a webinar on his "Bomber Jacket" book project in conjunction with the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Tune in to listen as John explains the genesis of the project, the significance of the various markings on the jackets, and showcases photographs from the project.  One hour and 15 minutes, with 30 minutes of questions.  Enjoy! 

July Newsletter:  Virus Version II

Happy Fourth of July!  Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer virus style.


Most local fireworks displays have been cancelled.  The City of Tucker will hold their event but going in

person is not recommended.  Watch it from afar or as it's live streaming on social media.
























Better yet I recommend sparklers!  They're quiet, easy to use, and

you can unleash your inner Wizard or fairy Godmother for a few moments.

The Museum of Modern Art has new show about Felix Feneon, an 

art dealer, critic and bon vivant of the post impressionist era.  He was

painted by Toulouse LaTrec & Seaurat and others.  Check it out at


Liu Yiaodung is a Chinese realist watercolor painter.  He was stuck in the

New York lockdown so he painted locked-down New York and then he

painted the civil unrest that followed.  You can check him out at


The City of Tucker is having a photography contest.  It's not really an art show

as they are asking for photographs to decorate the new City Hall.  The contest is

limited to Tucker residents and only photos of Tucker will be considered.

The prize is a "swag bag"...probaby a T-shirt & hat and the like.  

The details are currently a bit unrefined, but look for more information soon. 

To be considered, submit your images by the July 10th deadline.


Stay safe and stay cool!

In Memoriam

Our good friend, our wonderfully talented, kind-hearted, intelligent, special friend and TAG member, Quill Griffith passed away May 10, 2020 at Gwinnett Medical Center of an apparent heart attack.  


Not COVID19 related, he had been self-isolating since March and was careful as could be.  I do, however, consider him to be a victim of this threat in as much as he had planned to move to Alabama to be with his sister and the COVID 19 virus stalled all his plans.  It also deprived his sister of his company during these past few months as it deprived him of hers.


He was buried in Cullman, Alabama, on 14 May, 2020 in a private ceremony.  I hope that we might have a special memorial to honor him later this year.  We will need to exchange ideas on how and when. 


I know that we will all miss him terribly and, nothing will be the same without him.  


For those who wish to send condolences, his sister’s information:

Janice DeJonge

3777 Dover Drive

Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223 


Good-bye sweet friend, you will not be forgotten.   You remain always in our hearts.


Joan Monroe

TAG Newsletter 2020 :  Coronavirus Edition

Hello TAG Members!


What a strange time this is!  I hope you are all well,

sheltering in place and washing your hands alot.

Staying in is a good time to make art.  Try a different 

style, make a mess and have fun with it. 





















The Great Sand Dunes National Monument in southern Colorado.  ©1996 John Slemp



We can't go to museums for inspiration right now

but we can go to our computers.  Virtual tours aren't

as much fun as exploring a museum but you can do several

in a day if you feel like it.  Just be patient and mouse around.


For classic art you can go to the Louvre.

The Frick Collection has old masters like Rembrant & Fragonard

and lots of decorative arts.


For something different you could check out Chinese artist

Guo Fengyi.  Her drawings came to her in visions, sort of like a 

Chinese William Blake. You can read about her in a richly illustrated

online publication:  "Guo Fengyi:  To See  From a Distance"

 or tour a virtual exhbit at


For a lighter vibe there is Saul Steinberg at the Pace Gallery.

Want to learn art history?  Check out this ArtNet News page with links to several free art-related series.


Decatur is still having it's Lantern Festival, just a little differently. 

Instead of a parade, people will be displaying their lanterns on their

porches and lawns.  So if you are driving around Decatur May 8-10

after dark check them out!  For more info go to


Rock on with your bad selves!  Paint, take photos, there will be shows

and festivals again and you will have new art to show! 

Speaking of shows, here's an experienced photographer's take on how to sell photographs at art fairs...very informative, and probably applies equally to painters as well!

Stay Healthy!

Maria Gosa is a grandmother - 3rd time!

Gemma Noël was born on her due date (Feb. 26th), 7lbs. 5 oz., 20” long!

She is wonderful, and looks just like her daddy! 

TAG Newsletter - March 2020


Hello TAG Members!  Happy March!


TAG is going to try something new...a bimonthly newsletter!  It will contain an overview of recent TAG activities and those planned in the near future.  It will also mention events in the area that might be of interest to TAG members.  Joan Monroe, our President, will continue to send emails for time sensitive reminders of shows and art drop offs.


TAG held it's first evening meeting at the Tucker Rec Center in February.  We discussed photograhy & painting, comparing & contrasting approaches.

We hope this will allow folks who cannot make it to the morning meetings a new option, in addition to the evening potluck dinners.      


March 12, from 7-9 pm will be our next evening meeting,

it will the opening reception at Keller Knapp for About Face,

our latest show.  Invite everyone!  Participants please bring

a contribution of wine or beer and don't forget to wear your beret!


Our regular morning meeting will still be the Third Thursday of each month

at 10:30 at Tucker First Baptist.  We will have a potluck in April, and

Jeanie Wilson will be our hostess.  It will be held at Stable of Thoroughbreds.

Date and address will be forthcoming.


The High Museum has a wonderful new addition to it's permanent collection.

The Shaheens have donated their collection of over 20 works, including

Pisarro, Vuillard, Sisley, Monet, Matisse & others.  Be sure and check it out

the next time you visit the High.


April has lots of events coming up.  The Oglethorpe Museum has it's watercolor show, March 14 to April 26.  The Dogwood Festival is April 17, 18, & 19.  The Inman Park Festival is April 26 & 27.


On a somber note on behalf of TAG I wish to send sincere condolances to John Slemp and his family.  His father passed away recently.  He was 91, and was a retired Army Green Beret, having served in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Later, he was a businessman, but most importantly, John's Dad.  I know he will be missed...

January 2020 Newsletter

City Hall work removal will be January 28th, 11AM

Re-install for City Hall work will be around July, specific date TBD due to their moving schedule.


Rec Center change out is February 6th.  Please email Joan Monroe what you will be bringing by February 1st.  


Those who are wondering about your work at The Annex - contact Joan Monroe -























Kevin Burnup will be next up at Barbara Loar Library - February 3rd.  

If you wish to participate in our revolving exhibit here, let me know and we will put you on the schedule.  Next opening will be August.


Officers for 2020

President - Joan Monroe

Vice President - Webb Sanders

Secretary - Kevin Burnup

Treasurer - Quill Griffith

Past President - John Gronwall


Our scheduled Potlucks are:

April - "Stable of Thoroughbreds" Jeanie Wilson is hostess for this event which is a field trip and Potluck combination.  What a treat.  

August - "Home Again" to the warm wonderful hospitality of Patty McIntire.  Really a treat to settle in at Patty's for an evening of true Southern Charm.

December - HOLIDAY MAGIC - Since the last Holiday Party was pure magic, Lois Shingler has agreed to have us descend on her once again.  Wow, what a lineup.


We have added to our meetings this year.  We will have our regular meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month (except for Potluck months) AND, IN ADDITION, we will have evening meetings on the 2nd Thursday, 7:30.  We do not have confirmation from the meeting place yet but, we will let you know to add to your schedule "An Evening of Discussion, Critiquing and Fun" with Mikel Yeakle hosting.


Our fabulous rotating show at Keller Knapp continues with a changeout Wednesday, February 12th at 11AM

Theme:  "About Face"

Reception to be held March 12th, 6PM-8PM

We continue to give thanks to Tonya and Chuck "our hero" Veal, truly great community.


Again, many thanks to you all, TAG is just the best group going.  Thank you for paying your dues (there is still time, if you forgot).

CreateHer:  Call for Women Artists  



Yu Kai- Lin, of Kai Lin Galleries is looking for female artists for an exhibit.  

The requirements can be found on the website.  

Please note that submissions are due February 1, 2020.  

This exhibit may be timed to coincide with Women's History Month.

Avocado of 12 31 2019 revised.jpg

Newsletter:  December 2019

I am hoping everyone received their copies of by-laws and policies and procedures.  Please review them and, if you have not sent in comments, proposed corrections or changes, and you wish to, please do so by December 6th.  The board wants to review everyone’s wishes earlier rather than later.  Normally, this would just be done regularly, during the year but, we decided to try to get all suggestions now and be done.  If you have not received them, let me know.


Tucker First Baptist Church, who donates our meeting space, display space and does so much for us is sponsoring a very important event this season.  Perhaps we can, as we are able, repay in a small way their kindness.  I know many of us have favorite charities and other important commitments this season but, please read this link and see if you want to add this to your list.  Thank you.


Our annual Holiday Party will be December 14th, from 4:30PM to 7:30PM at Lois Shingler’s home.  This will be Potluck so, please email your RSVP to Lois with what you will be bringing. Easy to get to, and timed so that those who have multiples (it’s that time of year) can, hopefully, see everyone and do everything on their lists.  This is a spouses welcome event.  We will have our usual optional “gift exchange”.  I forget what it’s called but, it’s the stealing game and we usually have a great time.  It has become a tradition but, it is optional.  The “gifts” can be anything you can think of.  White elephants allowed.   No minimum price but, please, do not spend much – that would be counter to the fun of it.  This is a “just for the fun of it” thing that most everyone gets laughs over.  Some members bring SMALL versions of their work which I love.  Consider this your official warm invitation.  Anyone wanting to carpool, please let me know so that we can make arrangements.


Most everyone at our Thursday meeting opted out of doing The Tucker Holiday kick-off celebration.  

Following is a link to Holiday on Main in Tucker, which includes the application link for those who might want to have a booth.  I would not wish to discourage anyone from doing this event on your own, or in tandem with someone else if you want to.


Love, Joy, Peace and all Best Wishes for a wonderful Winter Season, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Joan Monroe


Post Script:  2020 dues are due for all members - it will really help our Treasurer if you can bring your dues to the Holiday Potluck. Those who paid their dues in November, your dues are paid through 2020...

November 2019 Newsletter

Tucker Arts Guild is excited about the new "Cuba" show at Keller Knapp 2344 Main Street in Tucker.  Essentially a two man show with photographers Les Scarborough and Mikel Yeakle and their insights on their respective trips to Cuba.  This show has an incredible blend of their talents and some truly remarkable perceptions into life in Cuba.  A must see, the Public Reception will be Thursday, November 14th from 6-8PM.  Come, bring friends and meet the men who have made this possible.  Light refreshments will be served.

Our regular Tucker Arts Guild Meeting will take place November 21st - Meeting Room at First Baptist Church, Tucker.

August 2019 Newsletter

We worked fast and furious to get the changeouts done at Tucker Rec Center, City Hall and City Hall Annex.  Once again, I don’t know how we did it.  Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get these exhibitions up and shining.  TAG looks fantastic.  What a fabulous group.  The Keller Knapp exhibit is up and it is very exciting to see our work represented on Main Street.


















The Reception at Keller Knapp is Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 6PM to 8PM.  Come, bring your family, friends and neighbors to see what we are doing.  Snacks are being provided by Keller Knapp, wine and beer is being brought by our exhibiting artists.  The fun – that’s what we will all bring.


A Very Special August Members’ Meeting

At our members’ meeting, August 15, 2019, Patty McIntire will be conducting a special workshop on alcohol inks.  Check you email.  Patty has sent out an outline for this exciting event.  This will be super fun for those who have never even considered playing outside their chosen medium and a real treat for those who dabble in many media.  First Baptist Church, 10:30AM.  See y’all there.


The Beat the Badge 5K is back!!!

DeKalb County Police Headquarters
1960 West Exchange Place
Tucker, GA US 30084

Our member Amy Hall will be running for TAG (well, she also represents Decatur PD).  Let’s make it a TAG day outing to cheer Amy on and to celebrate the end of Summer together.  If we have other runners in our midst, please, sign up and run.  This is a great fun race.


NEW FOR 2019:

 Electronic "chip" timing for faster, more accurate results

 Pre-race packet pick up the day before the race = less stress race day 

 Fresh new law-enforcement themed T-shirt (Dri-Fit) 

 Kid’s Fun Run and Toddler Dash

 Exciting new vendors and sponsors

RACE DETAILS: Have fun legally outrunning the police! Come visit the police K-9 memorial and 9/11 Memorial in front of Police Headquarters. After the race is a mini-festival at Police HQ with food, music, SWAT trucks, police motorcycles, fun stuff for kids and more! Course is well supervised by DeKalb’s finest officers. If you can’t run, please consider registering as a “phantom runner”. All proceeds will benefit the DeKalb Police Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to support all DeKalb County based law enforcement officers.


COURSE: Course is flat and fast! Out & back course through beautiful Tucker neighborhoods.


AGE GROUPS/AWARDS: Overall M & F, top Law Enforcement runners, Masters M & F, and First Place M & F in each of the following age groups: 10 & under, 11-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65 & over.


REGISTRATION: Limited to 1000! Register early!

Individuals: $25 if received by June 30th ; late and race day registration = $30 (Phantom runner - same) 
Law enforcement runners/walkers (P.O.S.T. certified): $20 
Register online – 
Download form and mail race entry at: (pending)
On-site registration at DKPD Police Headquarters in front of building beginning at 7:00 am on race day.
Make checks payable to: DeKalb Police Alliance; Mail to: DeKalb Police 5K, 4451 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, Georgia, 30084  

T-SHIRTS: All participants registered by September 10, 2019, will receive a commemorative T-shirt with a law enforcement theme.

PARKING: There will be plenty of free parking around the police headquarters and in surrounding business lots. Many great restaurants nearby to patronize after the race.

PACKET PICKUP: Friday, September 27, 2019, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. inside the lobby of the DeKalb Police Headquarters, 1950 W. Exchange Place, Tucker. After 8:00 pm, packet pickup will be on race day beginning at 6:30 am.

PETS/STROLLERS: No pets allowed except certified service animals. Strollers are allowed (please be careful of runners!)

COURSE CERTIFICATION: We are exploring making the course a Peachtree Road Race Qualifier. Stay tuned.


Around the Town

At the High Museum:


On view through November 10, 2019

Dubbed “The Father of American Surrealism,” Clarence John Laughlin (American, 1905-1985) was the most important Southern photographer of his time and a singular figure within the burgeoning American school of photography.

The more than one hundred works in this exhibition attest to Laughlin’s innovative approach and prescience for the future of the photographic medium. From allegorical social commentary, to expertly constructed narratives, to bizarre material experimentation, Laughlin’s effort to access a higher artistic potential for photography is evident throughout his career. His desire to push the limits of photographic possibility paved the way for generations of artists and the growth of the medium into a tool of magical potential.


At the Michael C Carlos

Through a Glass, Darkly

Allegory and Faith in Netherlandish Prints from Lucas van Leyden to Rembrandt

August 31 - December 1, 2019

















Jan Sadeler (Flemish, 1550-1600), after Dirck Barendsz (Netherlandish, 1534-1592). Hell, late 16th century. Engraving. Gift of Walter Melion and John Clum.  From 1500-1700, printmakers in the Low Countries were, as a group, the most skilled and prolific in all of Europe, and prints, often combined with text, played an important role in Netherlandish religious culture during this period.

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